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WeChat Clone Script

Messaging apps are a need of today, it has made many tasks easier than ever. Earlier, their users are letters that take 5-6 days to reach the destination. Then came a normal from the total balance. Then the age of the internet came. With this, a revolution came and many messaging apps developed. It has taken control of the market in the past few years. Messaging apps play a dynamic role in everybody’s lives these days. With the presence of these apps, people can connect with people far from them within seconds. The only thing that a user demands in a messaging app is the privacy of their data with end-to-end encryption. With this thought, we as a new-age software development company provide a well customized, responsive, completely safe, secure, and user-friendly messaging app called the WeChat clone app. The WeChat clone is an instant messaging app for all android and ios users to enjoy the features of instant messaging. It helps to minimize the gap between people through daily conversations.

What is a WeChat Clone Script?

Wechat clone script is a structured document that contains all the information about the clone app. All the features and integrations are listed in the script. The WeChat clone app can fulfil all your requirements as a messaging app. WeChat clone is for all those who wish for apps like WeChat. If you also want to broaden your reach and launch a messaging app for your customers, a WeChat clone is the best option. A WeChat clone script is a set of codes that developers use to build customized and responsive WeChat clone apps. A WeChat clone can provide a way for your business to interact with its customers. Our WeChat clone script comes with a bunch of features that one can ever imagine. The WeChat clone script is available for ios as well as android users. Our specialty is that we build WeChat clone apps at your budget integrated with cutting-edge technology.

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Key Features of WeChat Clone Script


Secret Chat- We provide a secret chat feature where there is no third party interaction.

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Group Audio Calls- The app has a feature where users can connect with their group through group audio calls.

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End to End Encryption- All the chat is encrypted with 2-factor authentication.

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Group Video Call- Group video call feature is also available.

track earning

Channel with Unlimited Users- Users are allowed to create channels with unlimited users.

A Comprehensive Workflow of the WeChat Clone App

There is a wide range of possibilities for creating Wechat alternatives. Our developers will help you brainstorm some ideas and then you can decide according to your business model. We use a primary protocol, commonly known as whisper protocol while developing the clone app. We provide a complete encrypted app with strong backend support. Our script has many features that make the WeChat clone app stand out.

The apps like WeChat work in four major phases-

first phase

The First Phase

The first phase is when the user sends any message.

Second Chat app phase

The Second Phase

After the message is sent, it gets queued on the app’s server until the receiver connects to the server through the internet.

Third Chat app phase

The Third Phase

In the third phase, the receiver gets connected to the server and receives the message. Then the message becomes a blue-coloured double checkmark on the sender's end.

Fourth Chat app phase

The Fourth Phase

When the message is seen by the receiver, it automatically gets deleted from the server-side.


Main Features of WeChat Clone App

Add-ons for our WeChat Clone App

Payment Option

Payment Option-

The clone app contains payment gateways through which users can send or receive payment.

Screen Sharing

Screen Sharing-

In this feature, users can present their screen for compatibility. During meetings, if a user wants to share something from their system, this feature can be of great help.

Live Streaming

Live Streaming-

Live streaming helps users to go live. Live streaming can help when you have a large audience. With just a single click, businesses can broadcast live videos without any technical glitches. Business owners can share any information with a mass of people at a single time. This feature can contribute a lot to your business by building strong connections with customers.


Have a Look at the Demo App, then Book Yourself for the Real App

Through the demo app, suggest all the changes that you want for the real app.

Technologies Specifications

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Android App
Admin Panel

Why to Choose Success Sensation for WeChat Like App Development over others?

White-labeled Solutions- Success sensation is a chat clone app development company that provides complete white label solutions for businesses and startups.  We allow the company to put its name and logo over the app.

Regular Updates- Even after deployment, we are bound to provide regular updates to the app.

Installation Without any Error- We provide an effortless and smooth installation process. Users can easily download and install the app from respective stores of android and iOS.

Cost-free App Deployment- We deliver a free-of-cost app deployment without any hidden charges.

Some Features of our WeChat Clone Services

Cross-platform Compatibility- The chat clone app is compatible with all screen sizes. The app can smoothly run on android as well and iOS devices.

Security- Our security experts take care of vulnerabilities to protect the app from external sources.


Detailed Documentation- With the clone app, we provide detailed documentation with every feature and integration listed.

End to end support- We are known to provide end to end support from developing a strategy to the deployment of the app.


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Yes. Before finalizing the script, our team inquiries every detail and your opinions. Then only we take the next step to develop the application. Before development, you can add or subtract any feature you want.

There is only a one-time payment for the purchase of the clone app. The final payment doesn’t include any kind of hidden charges.

Our team of developers is always there for any kind of issues. We are available 24*7 for your services. In case of any people, you can contact our team.

We follow a “no refund” policy after the payment is made. Due to our policy, we highly recommend testing all the features according to your business strategy, and then approach the purchase of the app.