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Tango Clone Script

Instant messaging apps have brought a revolution in the market with their features. Messaging apps have helped users to chat instantly with others. There are many features that users can avail. Complete care of privacy is taken to ensure user safety. Made with cutting-edge technology, the app provides many features and integrations for users. Chat apps have made many tasks easier than ever. A tango clone is similar to it. It is popular in the domain of instant messaging apps. The tango clone is an instant messaging app for all android users to keep in touch with their loved ones.

What is a Tango Clone Script?

Tango clone fulfills all your demands to have an application like tango. If you want to expand your business, a tango clone is the best way to do that. The script provides you with all the features that you can ever imagine in a chat application. A tango clone can help your business build a way to interact with your audience. You can easily get your instant messaging app like a tango with the help of a tango clone script. The script is a set of codes that can help build apps like tango. The tango clone is available for both ios as well as android users.

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Key Features of Tango Clone Script - Highlighted Features


Secret Chat- You can enjoy this feature and keep your chat a secret so that no one else can see it.

setting filters

Group Audio Calls- Users can enjoy group audio calls for hours. There is no time limit to place calls.

listing restaurants

End-to-end Encryption- All the data is encrypted from end to end. Complete privacy is given to the users.

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Group Video Call- Users can enjoy group video calls for hours. There is no time limit to place calls.

track earning

Channel with Unlimited Users- Users can create public and private channels and add other members to them. These channels can be used to share any information.

A Comprehensive Workflow of Tango Clone App

There is a wide range of possibilities for creating tango alternatives. Success Sensation follows technical aspects using some latest technologies. The tango clone application uses the primary protocol, commonly known as whisper protocol. Since a strong backend is involved, it makes the app impossible to hack by third parties which ensure user safety.

The apps like Tango work in four major phases-

first phase

The First Phase

In the first phase, a user sends a text or shares any media with someone.

Second Chat app phase

The Second Phase

In the second phase, the message gets queued on the server until the receiver connects to the server.

Third Chat app phase

The Third Phase

In the third phase when the receiver connects to the server, the message gets delivered safely.

Fourth Chat app phase

The Fourth Phase

In the fourth phase, the message gets deleted from the server soon after it is properly delivered to the receiver.


Main features of Tango Clone App

Add-ons for our Tango Clone App

Payment Option

Payment Option-

Payment gateways are integrated with the app which makes it easy for transactions. Users can use Paytm, Phone pay, Gpay, etc on the tango clone app.

Screen Sharing

Screen Sharing-

Users can also share their screens while live streaming. It can be helpful when they have to explain a ppt or something from their device.

Live Streaming

Live Streaming-

Using this feature of live streaming, users can go live only using the tango clone app. There is no technical glitch while going live. They can share important messages with a large audience. In this way, they can reach out to several others in one go.


Try The Demo, Then go for the Real App

We provide a demo app to all our customers so that they can get an idea of the app. Through the demo, they can suggest changes to be done in the app. We start developing the app only after the demo is approved by your side.

Just sign up with your number and get started with it!!

Technologies Specifications

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Why to Choose Success Sensation for Tango Like App Development over others?

White-labeled Solutions- We are well known for our white-labeled solutions for various chat clone app. Using the white label feature, you can use your brand name and brand logo for the clone app.

Regular Updates- After the deployment process, we provide regular updates to the app.

Installation Without Any Error- The installation process is made very simple to understand. Users just have to download the app from their respective app store. Then the app will be automatically installed on their device.

Cost-free App Deployment- We at Success Sensation provide a cost-free deployment process to all our customers.

Some Features of our Tango Clone Services

Cross-platform Compatibility-Apps that are made by our team of developers are compatible with any type of device or any screen size.

Security is the Topmost Priority-Our developers take security their most priority and take care of any bugs and vulnerabilities in the clone app. We try our best to deliver high-quality bug-free products.


Detailed Documentation- We provide a tango clone script which is a detailed version of the clone app where you will find each and every detail about it. It is easily understandable.

End to End Support- Our team of developers is available 24*7 to deal with any kind of issue related to the clone app.


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Yes, of course. You can definitely suggest some changes to add to the demo code.

We have a one-time payment policy associated with the purchase of the app.

In such a case, you can contact our team for further details. We will surely help you out in any situation.

There is no refund policy associated with our app. The fund will not be provided after the purchase of the clone app. So we highly recommend testing all the features according to your business and then approaching the app.