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Line Clone App: an instant messaging app to connect with the world

Satisfy your customers with ultimate happiness. Just do a Line clone and fulfill your dreams. It is a 100% authentic app with amazing integrations.

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Line Clone Script

Messaging apps are a must nowadays. It has made many tasks easier than ever. It allows us to connect with the world in a real-time zone. In the case of businesses, messaging apps allow you to connect with your potential leads. Line app allows you to make use of instant communication to connect with your friends and family. In today’s time, you can contact anyone in any corner of the world in just a few seconds. Over the years, messaging apps have been introducing new and advanced features for users. It plays a dynamic role in everybody’s lives these days. The only thing that users are concerned about these apps is the privacy and security of their data. Well, these apps are made from high expertise in the field who develop them with full security protection. Considering all these, we as a new-age software development company provide a well-responsive, customized, completely safe, secure, and user-friendly messaging app called the Line clone app. The Line clone is an instant messaging app for all android and ios users and is suitable for all kinds of devices.

What is a Line Clone Script?

Line clone script is a structured document that includes every detail about the clone app. It is a set of coded programs that developers use to build the app.

The Line clone app can fulfil all your requirements to connect across the world whether it be sharing any data or making calls. This application is all for those who wish for apps like Line. If you are into a business that requires connecting with people more frequently, this is the best option for you. It can help you to connect with a large audience in one go. Our Line clone script comes with a bunch of features and integrations that one can ever imagine. Our speciality is that we build Line clone apps at your budget with the use of cutting-edge technology. We provide the latest clone script including many integrations and advanced features.

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Key Features of Line Clone Script


Secret Chat- Secret chat features help users to keep their chats private.

setting filters

Group Audio Calls- Users can make group audio calls with their group.

listing restaurants

End to end Encryption- Data is encrypted from end to end with no third party involvement.

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Group Video Call- Make group video calls with your friends and family.

track earning

Channel with Unlimited Users- Multiple channels can be created with unlimited users.

A Comprehensive Workflow of the Line Clone App

There is a wide range of options for creating Line alternatives. Our developers will help you with many ideas. While developing the clone app, we use a primary protocol known as whisper protocol. We deliver a complete encrypted app with a backend framework. Our script has many features and integration that make the Line clone app stand out.

The apps like Line operates in four major phases-

first phase

The First Phase

In this phase, the message is sent out from the sender’s end.

Second Chat app phase

The Second Phase

In this phase, all the messages get queued on the server until l the receiver connects to the server.

Third Chat app phase

The Third Phase

In this phase when the receiver connects back to the server, the message gets delivered with a double blue-coloured checkmark on the sender's end.

Fourth Chat app phase

The Fourth Phase

In this last phase, all the messages that are delivered get automatically deleted.


Main Features of Line Clone Script

Add-ons For Our Line Clone App

Payment Option

Payment Option-

The app has payment options also from where users can make or receive a payment.

Screen Sharing

Screen Sharing-

This characteristic helps users to share their screens to give some valuable information through live streaming.

Live Streaming

Live Streaming-

Through apps like Line, users can go live with anything without facing any technical issues. This feature can help businesses with a large number of potential customers. They can connect with their audience through live streaming. Live streaming helps users to go live. They can share any information with a mass of people at a single time. This feature can contribute a lot to your business by building strong connections with their audience.


Try the Demo, then go for the Real App

Take the demo app and suggest changes that you want in the real app. The demo app is completely free of cost. It helps to draft the required features and integrations to be included.

Just sign up with your number and get started with it!!

Technologies Specifications

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Android App
Admin Panel

Why to Choose Success Sensation for Line Like App Development over others?

White-labeled solutions- Success sensation aims to deliver white-labeled authentic solutions. We are a software development company specialized in providing food delivery app development services to businesses and startups. Businesses can put their name and logo to the app to gain authority over it.

Regular updates- We provide regular updates at specific intervals with new and exciting features.

Installation without any error- Apps can easily be downloaded from the apple store and the play store with any technical errors.

Cost-free app deployment- We deliver a free-of-cost app deployment without any kind of charge.

Some Features of Our Line Clone Services

Cross-platform compatibility- Our apps are 100% responsive for all screen sizes and compatible with various devices like TV, mobile phones, tablets, laptops, and monitors. The app works completely fine and gives a customized look.

Security- Our security specialists take complete care of providing security-related features to the app to make it safe. They perform various testing to remove vulnerabilities.


Detailed documentation- We provide detailed documentation with the app.

End to end support- All the data associated with the app is completely safe with end to end encryption.


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Yes. We ask for all kinds of permissions before developing the real application. If you feel anything to be added or subtracted in the script, you can suggest our developers. They will make changes accordingly.

There is only a one-time payment for the purchase of the clone app. The final payment doesn’t include any kind of hidden charges.

We provide end-to-end services even after deployment. you can reach out to our team and the team will help you out. We are available 24*7 for your services.

We don’t have any such policy. Once the payment is done, it can’t be refunded in any case. That’s why we highly recommend testing all the features and working on the application before making the payment.