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Gloriafood: A White-label food app solution

With the increasing users of online food delivery apps, we are here to help food businesses to grow faster than ever. Just a Gloriafood clone and watch the show!!

Discover your food appetite with the best food delivery app in your locale. A 100% genuine solution for all your hunger.

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Gloriafood Clone

Gloriafood clone app is an online platform for online food delivery services in many countries. We provide Gloriafood clone apps for all types of food delivery businesses. If you are worried about having a food delivery app, then we would help you to make it an easier process. providing the world’s fastest delivery services in nearby areas. We will help them to experience one of the best food delivery services. Gloriafood clone app enables the user to have a great experience of developing a food delivery app similar to Gloriafood.

In this world of technology, people are typing to go along with the ongoing development. Everyone is looking for alternatives so that they can save time and money. Therefore, we bring the Gloriafood clone app. Now, getting online food is just a step of a few clicks and you get your food. Gloriafood app clone provides a platform to start the food business online easily in very little time and at affordable rates.

What is Gloriafood Clone Script?

Gloriafood clone script offers the solution of your very own food delivery app with all features. If you have an existing business or have the idea of a food business then give a try on a Gloriafood clone platform and have your best food delivery app. If you want to give your design, you are most welcomed. We would help you to optimize your design and work on that. There is no prerequisite for that.

All you have to do is sign-in on the Gloriafood clone app and get started with your app. You just need to sign in with the authorized account on the Gloriafood Clone platform and get started with your food app journey. Just a Gloriafood Clone!

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Key Features of Gloriafood Clone App



Security is our utmost priority and we completely take care of it. While signing up at the Gloriafood clone app, you will be asked basic account details and there are security credentials and account details.

setting filters

Setting Filters

Gloriafood clone script platform enables the user to set the filters in the search based on restaurants, types of food, price, location requirement.

listing restaurants

Listing Restaurants

On the Gloriafood Clone established application restaurant owners can add relevant details on their own.

where my order

Track your Order

Users can also track their order with the presence of an in-built map.

track earning

Track Earning

With this feature on the Gloriafood clone script, the delivery executive can track his earnings daily, weekly, monthly, or annually. They can easily keep a record of the orders they received or completed or canceled on the Gloriafood app clone.

A comprehensive workflow of Gloriafood App Clone

Gloriafood clone application accepts and delivers the orders in three phases.

first phase

First PhaseAt this point, the user interacts with the app and uses it to make the order.

second phase

Second PhaseAt this point, when the user did the payment the restaurant gets the details of the order. They begin with the order and wait for the delivery executive to pick it up.

third phase

Third PhaseAt this point, the order is now with the delivery executive. He uses the in-built GPS to navigate to the required location.

Features of Gloriafood Clone Script

Add – Ons For Our Food Delivery App

chat feature

Chat Feature

Live chat feature is integrated with the Gloriafood clone app for the ease of customers. Customers can easily pass on the instructions through our help center and our help center can contact the restaurant or the delivery executive directly to provide the essential solutions to them.

payment shring link

Payment Link Sharing

Users placing the order on the food delivery app built on the Gloriafood clone platform can share the payment link to anyone and ask them to make their payment.

order posting

Order Posting

Users can post on social media about their experience with the application. They can also post on the Gloriafood clone app under the reviews section.

Technologies Specifications

angular icon
node js icon
swift icon
mangodb icon
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socket icon


User App
Restaurant App
User App
Restaurant App
User Panel
Driver Panel
Restro Panel
Admin Panel

Why to Choose Success Sensation for Gloriafood Like App Development over others?

White-Labeled: There is no copyright issue in placing the logo and color scheme for the food delivery app.

Installation without any Error: Enables the user to install the software over the android and iOS platforms seamlessly without any error.

24*7 technical support: There is a 24*7 hours support service provided by our side in case of facing any technical issue.
App Deployment Process: The free-of-cost app deployment process at the Google play store or the apple store. Thus, if any looking for setting up his business in a short period can place his food delivery app live on the store.
food delivery user information

Payment Link Sharing: Our food delivery apps built on the Ubereats Clone platform involve the sharing of the payment link to anyone at any place,

Live Chat feature: Live Chat feature is integrated into our food delivery app. Customers can easily pass on the instructions if any through our help center.
Sharing Order detail: We also have the option to share the order details on social media platforms.

Fullest Security: Success Sensation Gloriafood Like App Development provides a seamless solution to its users providing the fullest security.


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Yes, we enable the user to install their app on the server and this would be free of cost service from our end. 

There is only a one-time payment requirement according to the bill processed on your account. We do not have a policy of any hidden charges for the services we offer. 

If it is so, then the user can easily contact our help centre support services available 24*7 hours and provides the best solution to your problems. 

Yes, we have the global merchants connected with us which enables you to allow the global payment offerings in your business.