CodeIgniter: How To Build Dynamic Sites With PHP Framework

We have seen a lot of technological advancements in today’s world and technology has become an inevitable part of our daily lives. One of the most common aspects of technology in the digital world and to have a digital presence a business or an institution should have social media pages and most importantly a website. There are millions of websites online and anybody with an active internet connection can access these sites immediately. This helps a business or company to grow its operations and create a digital presence.

There are various ways to build a website and the two most common practices include using CMS tools or using other PHP-based frameworks like CodeIgniter.

CMS tools are very popular and allow the developer to create a website really easily. The management of the website is also really simple and even beginners can work on it. It has a lot of advantages but the possibilities are restricted when a developer uses CMS tools.

PHP frameworks like CodeIgniter offer endless possibilities and developers can go all out on their creativity and develop different features and make a dynamic site. This improves the website’s efficiency and the audience also gets a professional essence while surfing through the site.

How To Build Dynamic Sites With PHP Framework

  • Website builders

Surprisingly there are online websites that help to create your own online site. Sites like Wix, Squarespace,, and many others are filled with powerful tools that allow users to develop websites without any programming knowledge. Everything is object-oriented and the user can just select the options or drag and drop the features. Everything on the website is customizable and the website can also be designed to look on good different devices like phones and laptops. The possibility of adding new features is limited while using such programs.

  • CMS’s

Most of the Content management systems are developed in PHP and they offer a lot of options to the developers. Creating websites is really easy with CMS tools and many CMS open source applications help in developing websites. is one of the most popular CMS tools available online and almost 29.9% of websites that are online use WordPress to manage the content and to develop the sites. Since these CMS’s are open source there is a huge community that develops plugins and extinctions and other developers and users can make use of these plugins and add more features to the website. Developers can also use their coding knowledge and create their own features.

  • Custom Coding

Developers can also create websites in the old-school way that is by using HTML and CSS. The possibility of creating an amazing website is very likely using HTML and custom coding helps developers to create every aspect of the website as and how they want it to be. All the functions and features are created by the developer. The developer needs a good programming understanding to create a website this way. A company can also hire a professional programmer to build a website this way.

New Features Alert – What’s New in iOS 14 (and iPadOS 14)

With the announcement of iOS 14 and iPadOS14, the iPhone software is getting a face hit. Now you can download the latest version, and may you notice several visual tweaks when you install. These appreciated enhancements will surely enhance your experience. After installing this latest version, along with an app library, widgets, and Siri your home screen will look different.

So, how you can download iOS 14 and iPadOS 14

Before jumping to the features, first, you may be wondering how to install it. Well!! Including the iPhone SE-2016, if you own iPhone 6 or newer, you can download it right now.

However, before installing the latest version, have a backup. Then open, the settings go to general and then software update. Once you click on the software update, your device will start searching for the latest updates and will begin downloading it. It will hardly take a few minutes, and then your device will restart automatically.

Well!! Now when you are all set, we will take you within the best features of this new version. Plus we are sure it will grow more, so don’t forget to check for new gems.

  • Get rid of app home screens : Earlier iPhone home page has been a grid of app icons. Now it’s time to change, and you can hide app pages you don’t use often. iOS 14’s new App Library acts as an app drawer; you can ditch all those apps for convenient browsing experience. Additionally, it will allow you to hide the entire home screen panels with just a few taps.
  • Set default web browser and email : Yes, you heard right. Apple is now allowing you to control default apps. Though, right now, this feature is limited for web browsers and email apps, may expand to others as well. As an example, you can set Google Chrome as your default browser and outlook as your email app. However, for the new default assignment option to resemble, you will need to update your apps for iOS 14.

To set your default browser and email, go to setting and scroll down to the bottom of your installed apps. Select the browser and email app you want to set as default and tap on it. Also, you may see the default browser app and default email app, just tap, and it will set as your preferred applications.

  • Widgets : Might be you have noticed Today View on the left of the main screen, which may seem inconvenient to browse. Don’t worry anymore; now you can pull all those widgets on your home screen, and even can get alternate sizes for them. It will allow you to customize your phone screen and will enable easy accessing. Check Widget Library to see all the widgets apps you have installed.
  • Search the emoji keyboard : FINALLY!!! Apple has come with an emoji picker for exactly what you want. Open the emoji keyboard as usually you do, and find a search bar at the top of the keyboard.
  • Now Siri is revamped : Now, instead of capturing the whole screen, Siri will pop up like a small bubble at the bottom. Also, it can access information across the web and can send voice notification to you in the messaging app.
  • Watch your favourite YouTube videos in Picture in Picture mode : So how it works? Instead, to stay on any particular app, you can swipe it up off the screen to leave that app running, and the video will automatically narrow down to a floating window. Either you can hide an app or can move off the edge of the screen, but still can have audio playing and can use full screen for something else. However, the YouTube app doesn’t support PiP right now; you can watch the full-screen video in safari mode.
  • Translate app : With Google, Apple is moving to the new translating feature. Currently, it is supporting 11 languages. To turn the conversation mode, keep your iPhone in landscape view, it will enable the side-by-side view for both parties.

iOS 14 and iPad OS 14 are available as free updates, and you can install them by following the above mentioned process. Don’t get surprised if your apps are misbehaving for a few starting days.

Shopify vs WordPress (2020) — Which is Best?

Technology is changing day after day and we have new gadgets and tools coming up. Business and retailers are going digital and e-commerce is getting really popular. If you are one of those people who are here to get some tips on how to develop a good website then you are in the right place.

The two major applications that help with the development of a website are Shopify and WordPress. These tools are used by many different websites and their functionality is completely different.

Shopify is a web application that has been developed in PHP to help others develop their e-commerce websites without any problem. Shopify is one of the biggest brands and it helps a business to get their own domain name, access to PayPal, Various e-commerce related features, a shopping cart, and other useful features.

Shopify has also different themes and templates that a business can use. The interface can also be customized to fit the exact needs of a business. The advantage of using Shopify is that you don’t need to hire a professional to write all the code and develop an interface for the website. The design and the code are readily available for different types of e-commerce sites and if a business needs some tweaks and customizations they can use their regular developer to make the changes.

Even beginners can learn how to use Shopify and with minimal knowledge of HTML and CSS, they can get their website up and running within a very short period. The problem with running a website is to host it and there will be problems on the hosting front as well. Shopify is a hosted solution and all the solutions come from Shopify’s own servers and through which developers can host the website. There is no need to buy any web hosting and developers can rent the software by paying a monthly fee.

WordPress is one of the most powerful online tools and most 29.9% of all the available websites use WordPress. The first thing that you should know is that there are two varieties of WordPress that are available. One if and the other is The .com version of WordPress is hosted by a different company and it is extremely useful for developers but the .org version is more popular.

WordPress. org allows users to customize their website as they like and they have access to various powerful and reliable tools that allow developers to shape the website however they like. Developers have access to themes and templates that they can use to make the website look more vibrant and dynamic.

WordPress is also an open source application and there is a large community out there who develop third-party plugins and developers can find these plugins easily and add them to the website to make it more powerful. Developers can use WordPress to solve different problems and host the solution onto your server for free, but there will be costs for hosting that solution


What will be the cost to develop an E-commerce Grocery app?

With the expanded uses of smartphones and the internet, on-demand grocery delivery apps have become a new trend. As per a recent survey, 38% of the user community tends to order groceries online, and the number of of users is increasing rapidly. It ends the need to stand in a long queue for hours and wasting time. It offers to buy any desired household product at a reasonable price anytime. With a busy lifestyle, it is really becoming a tiring choice for people nowadays. Hence, most of the people are now turning towards online grocery apps to get products delivered at the doorstep.

However, with the increasing numbers of innovative and captivating features, embedded features, E-commerce Grocery apps are flooding the market.

Now Let’s Have a Look at the Benefits of The Grocery App?

Getting an online grocery app leverages both customers and app owners with numerous benefits. Here we are listing down a few significant advantages.

  • Convenient : Grocery apps are so easy to manage. It helps users to place an order from anywhere, anytime. Like, if you are at the office and remember about a few essential missing grocery products. You can simply by using your smartphone place an order. What all you need is a smartphone and internet connectivity.
  • Time saver : In this busy era, we lead to hectic and stressful lives. Technologies have made our life comfortable. On-demand grocery apps are one of those apps which have a lot of time for the users.
  • Save money : On-demand grocery apps always come with alluring offers and discount schemes, especially at the time of festive. They provide their loyalty programme and discount coupons, which allow users not only to avail discounts but attract new users as well.
  • Prevent from excess shopping : Whenever, we go to the mall or any grocery shop, most of the time we end up buying a few necessary products. And sometimes we shop more because we want to avoid coming again and again. This is not a case with the on-demand grocery apps.
  • Secure payment options : You can find the facility of making payment using several options on the app. You can pay online while placing the order or can opt for cash on delivery. All of the user information such as name, contact details, card details and address, stays secured and encrypted.

Grocery App Development Process

  1. Plan : – Explore the market and understand the requirement
  2. Design: – Develop a Unique Interface
  3. Build: – Customer-Centric Development
  4. Test: – Test and Analyze Website Speed and functionality
  5. Launch: – Now time to go live in the market
  6. Monitor & Evaluate: – Analyze the performance

How Much Does it Cost you to Build a Grocery Shopping App?

App complexity, dedicated platforms for the particular app, and the cost of developer are three major factors through which the cost of the on-demand app gets evaluated. Also, costs get affected by the geo-location since it varies from country to country.

If estimated, the development cost for the grocery delivery app in India can start from $8.000 for both iOS and Android. Further, it depends on the complexity and several other factors and can reach $10 to $80 per hour.

So, if we calculate all costing, for a single platform, it can reach up to $10,000 to $35,000.

However, Choosing a cross-platform app promises your app to stand ahead from others in the competition.

Why Use WordPress? A Deep Dive Into 10 Good Reasons

Developers create websites and these websites have to update with the latest information. The website might be posting daily news articles, blogs, and other content and to do this the developer has to work with various CMS (Content management system) tools. WordPress is one of these CMS software that helps update and modify the content on a website.

Advantages of using WordPress

  • The Software is Free and Open-Source – WordPress is open source which means that you can use WordPress for free. The software is run and managed by a lot of beta testers and these developers form a community and develop the application. Though WordPress is free you will need money to host the sites and the hosting is affordable and starts at 3 dollars per month. There are a lot of themes and templates that can be used for free.
  • It Adapts So You Can Make Any Type of Website – WordPress because quite popular among blogging sites and almost all blogging sites use WordPress. The same WordPress can be used to create e-commerce sites and other websites. It is true that WordPress was first developed to facilitate blogging but the technology has changed and WordPress has some amazing features that help in making different types of websites.
  • It Supports Numerous Media Types – The common problem with CMS tools is that they support only a limited number of media formats and this becomes a problem for developers. WordPress on the other hand accepts a wide variety of media files and almost anything can be uploaded to WordPress. Developers can add Videos, documents, images and files in different formats like .jpg, .png, .gif .pdf, .doc, .pptx, .mp3, .m4a, .mp4, .mov, .wmv, .avi and even .odt, .key, .ogg, and .3gp. WordPress doesn’t accept SVGs but there are ways to convert these files onto different formats.
  • It’s Easy to Learn and Has a Huge Community – WordPress is completely free to access and anybody with no prior knowledge can also start developing websites using WordPress. The interface is very simple and anybody can play around with it for 10 minutes and get an understanding of different features. The huge community support also makes it easier for developers to learn new things and get solutions for their problems.
  • You Can Scale Up and Expand Your Website with Themes and Plugins – It is very easy to work with WordPress and as said earlier there are a lot of features that developers can work with. If these features are not satisfying for developers they can expand their business by using third-party extinctions and themes that developers create. Developers upload the code for these themes and plugins on various forums and it is very easy to find them.
  • It Doesn’t Take a Genius to Manage – Businesses sometimes are low on funds and they find it hard to comply with experts to manage their website. Using WordPress makes it extremely easy to maintain the site and anybody can manage it efficiently. The person working in maintaining the website should just make sure that the server is running, create backups, check for security breaches, update plugins, themes, and the WordPress software and take care of the basic things.
  • SEO Comes First – SEO optimization is one of the most powerful factors that determine the number of views that a website gets. WordPress has SEO tools inbuilt and the developer need not worry about title tags and other descriptions because WordPress generates these by itself. There are also additional plugins to make SEO optimization even better.
  • You Have Full Control of Your Website – Working with WordPress allows developers to have full control of the website. Developers can change any aspect of the website and modify it as they want it to be. WordPress has all the required features and developers need not use any other application to manage the site. All the purchases made through WordPress belong to the developer and they are not just rented. If the developer moved to any different website they can add the same purchased features there as well.
  • Blogging is Hands Down the Best in the Business – There are many sites that offer blogging engines like Tumblr, Medium, Ghost, and Blogger but the best one among all other applications is WordPress. The power, elegance, and advanced tools offered by WordPress are simply magnificent. Professionals and beginners can work on WordPress and there is not a single feature missing from WordPress that a developer needs while creating a blogging channel.
  • Universal availability – WordPress is one of the most widely used platforms and almost 29.3% of the websites on the internet use WordPress. This is a great platform for everybody to work on their creativity and develop websites. Developers can log in to WordPress from anywhere in the world and all they need is a device and an internet connection.

What Business Opportunities emerge in the Covid-19 Situation for the IT Industry

What Business Opportunities emerge in the Covid-19 Situation for the IT Industry?

Every chaotic event opens up a window of opportunities. With the entire global technological landscape taking the hit courtesy of the coronavirus pandemic, it is up to the strategists to chalk out the pathway towards a more sustainable future. The negative impacts on the IT industry are evident with a significant chunk of the global workforce on the brink of losing their jobs. However, as much as we can lament these catastrophic outcomes, quite a few strategic business opportunities are brimming around for the IT sector.

However, before we move ahead into this discussion, we need to take a look at the existing IT trends that would determine the future of this industry:


IT Trends for the Future

  • Inclination towards Software-defined-Networking that would allow IT firms to use professionals and eventually self-provision the connectivity requirements
  • Increased emphasis on cloud-based approach and applications
  • IT firms will experience incessant DDoS attacks in the future, making security a pivotal aspect
  • The emergence of Application-aware networks
  • Better performance monitoring at the application level
  • Remote work culture with firms permanently emphasizing on work from home possibilities for a specific part of the workforce
  • Data-centric approach with an emphasis on predictive analytics


Business Opportunities amid the Covid Scare: Here is how the IT Industry can rejoice

Based on the existing trends and even the opportunities presented by the crisis, the IT industry will steadily shape up into a significant economic driver in the immediate future. With data being more valuable than ever, it’s only appropriate that we mention the best entrepreneurial opportunities pertaining to the IT industry.


  1. IT Consulting

Cloud-computing, including cloud-based apps, SaaS architecture, and even the emergence of cloud-based health services, is a business opportunity for the future. Rolled together into a broader scope of IT consulting, Cloud-computing will be a significant boost to the failing global economy. With a massive growth potential, companies should immediately start focusing on IT consulting. Startups might initially face challenges, but the drive will get them through.


  1. Digital Marketing

Here is one part of the IT infrastructure that deserves all the attention. A majority of startups have been beaten to the pulp courtesy of the existential crisis. Therefore, they would like to bounce back with a massive social presence, effective branding solutions, and accessible CMS strategies.


  1. Mobile Gaming

Social distancing has brought as closer to our computing devices. Therefore, in the coming months, the emphasis of the game development community will be on streamlining the arena and coming up with innovative game-playing options. Social integrations of the existing games will keep increasing, thereby driving sales.


  1. Application Development

Be it food ordering or connecting with online stores for groceries, applications are floating almost everywhere. With several offline firms migrating online, mobile, and web application development will be productive business ventures to invest in.


  1. E-Learning

Schools, colleges, and other educational institutes might not start functioning soon, and even if they do, the occupancy will be controversial. However, learning will continue with teachers moving to online interfaces for offering lectures and relevant study materials.


  1. Data-Driven Businesses

Companies will try to keep the resources handy and use Big Data and predictive analytics for precisely targeting the audience base and their buying behavior. Therefore, eCommerce setups and other direct selling interfaces will increase in number.

Here are some of the immediate business strategies that professionals from the IT industry should start considering. Moreover, individuals can begin chalking out plans for each one of the mentioned entrepreneurial ventures by staying indoors and following the social distancing guidelines.

IT Professionals Keep the Global Economy on its Feet amid the Existential Threats

IT Professionals Keep the Global Economy on its Feet amid the Existential Threats

While the global economy continues to find ways to outgrow the restrictions imposed by the unrelenting pandemic, the onus is on the IT professionals to introduce newer growth driving elixirs. Believe it or not, IT professionals have been on the job since the inception of this resounding threat. While they were asked not to come to the office, they kept providing support from their homes, despite lesser resources at their disposal. Internet connectivity wasn’t easy to find and even machines had restrictions. Several workplace resources ceased to exist and at times, IT professional had to work through the night, in order to make up for the lesser speeds, slower connections, and occasional hiatuses.

Isn’t working from home easier?

Although it might seem so, IT professionals never enjoy working from home. Unlike a regular workplace with defined timings, the home environment doesn’t make it easy to draw defined lines between work and leisure. Moreover, individuals stuck at home due to the pandemic have to find ways to arrange food for the family. However, IT professionals kept hustling and continued to work round the clock for helping diverse industry verticals stay alive during the pandemic.

What Difference did the Relentless Efforts Make?

IT professionals are making sure that the banking sector receives the requisite impetus to keep functioning amid the challenges. Besides banking, even the trading houses continue to function, allowing individuals to make a living. Not just that, the entire healthcare machinery is still online courtesy of the relentless efforts of these IT professionals.

Online businesses dealing in essentials have the IT professional to rely on, even for support during the odd hours. Be it ATMs helping individuals maintain proper Cashflow or the ISPs offering uninterrupted services, it is the IT skill set that is keeping these segments up and running. Even the mobile application that brings groceries to your house is created and maintained by the skilled IT professionals and developers.

IT is everywhere and it is the only probable force that is avenging the issues created by the pandemic, in the strongest possible manner. News channels can keep their broadcasting serves running due to their dedicated IT team that stays up 24×7. Not just that, anything and everything related to online learning, entertainment, and social media interaction further validates the credibility of the IT industry.

IT and the Essential Sectors

Apart from banking, IT professionals are working round the clock to keep the power grids active and our appliances active. Furthermore, the role of IT in the pharmaceutical industry is underrated but exceedingly important. Be it looking at the lab reports or deploying any software to determine product composition, nothing works if the IT systems fail.


IT professionals deserve all the gratitude and thankfulness as they are working non-stop for making our lives smoother, even when the odds are stacked against all of us. From a distance, they are supporting the police team, cleaners, scientists, farmers, and doctors while making the job slightly easier for them. Despite reduced wages, restricted remunerations, and minimal sleep – IT professionals are leaving no stone unturned to give us a better life.

How Chatbot-AI association is taking Marketing Expertise to a whole new Level

How Chatbot-AI association is taking Marketing Expertise to a whole new Level?

Chatbots are exceptional marketing tools that allow prospects website visitors, and clients to interact with the brand on their own terms. Moreover, the chatbots that are enabled with the AI technologies are better choices when it comes to imitating human conversations by analyzing the emotional quotient of the conversation. AI, in regard to chatbots, brings in ML concepts, Deep Learning, and NLP. To simplify things further, chatbots lined by Artificial Intelligence interact and keep learning by discovering specific data patterns.

How Chatbot-AI association works?

Firstly, there are chatbots which only use machine learning principles and have a fixed set of responses. However, if we are to ascertain the future of digital marketing, AI-powered chatbots should be considered. AI in chatbots focuses on Deep learning and Machine learning.

While machine learning brings forth a fixed set of automated responses, continued learning, and algorithms, Deep Learning allows the chatbots to learn from unstructured data by evolving continuously. These broader concepts are further segregated into NLP or Natural Language Processing that uses predictive analytics and data mining to generate responses in a proactive manner.

However, NLP comes with its own set of limitations in regard to understanding the emotional factors. Therefore, AI-powered chatbots also bring in sentiment analysis into the mix where the bots can interact with the user by assessing the minor nuances. This feature makes these chatbots highly contextual.

Practical Applications in Marketing

Needless to say, chatbots are the website tools that allow you to connect with the visitors even during the odd hours. While the concept of live chat looks to achieve the same, Artificial Intelligence makes sure that your bots can start learning on their own, without any form of manual intervention.

From a marketing perspective, chatbots work as engagement platforms that improve the operational efficiency of a brand. Therefore, even the underlining customer service costs get a significant waiver with automated bots in play.

Based on the levels of sophistication, AI-powered chatbots can have a significant role to play, in improving the existing marketing standards. Chatbots with AI allow clients to find relevant and contextual solutions without them having to fill in detailed forms or get spammed with emails. With these bots in play, it becomes easier for a brand to intertwine service, communications, and transactions.

Bots have discretionary powers. Mostly embedded in a host of platform-specific messaging applications like Facebook Messenger, chatbots usually have to connect with millions of active users, who are looking to interact with a brand. Inclusion of AI makes these bots more responsive to the platform guidelines. For example, the messenger-centric chatbot can only send across a message if the user prompts a conversation.

Stats reveal that almost 47 percent of online buyers are targeted and persuaded by bots to make purchases.

This reveals that AI is certainly improving the conversational and interactive qualities by making responses more humane and organic.

AI-Powered Chatbots can:

  • Improve the quality of conversations
  • Offer the option for website linkages and human interventions, if and when deemed necessary
  • Help improve the brand scalability
  • Understand the context behind the text and responses

The Challenge of Creating the Perfect Bot and the Future

It isn’t the technical challenge the bothers the chatbot creators and markets. Instead, it is the conversational roadblock that is throttling the potential of the chatbots. The future looks promising if we start understanding the user-base better and comprehend the conversations they make with the concerned brand. The future of marketing depends on how efficiently we can pair the concepts of AI with the chatbots, in order to make the interactions more engaging.

Evolve Your Digital Marketing Strategy in times of COVID-19

Who thought living through an historic event would be so disheartening? The COVID-19 pandemic has filled people with anxiety, grief and mainly stress over the brief amount of time. Miracle of finding a cure soon is not in sight but an optimistic approach is the need of the hour. Self-isolation and social distancing are the temporary cure for the virus along with the support of earnest heath workers.

With people forced to stay at home, until the situation is sorted out, they are adapted to a new normal lifestyle. The sudden transition from live interactions to online conferencing has made people realize the digital communication is the new normal. So, every organization has started investing in digital marketing strategies to influence their consumers. The demand for online services has become paramount that all the big brands have started making use of the situation. The marketers are dealing with multiple challenges with unstable customers wandering with a new agenda in mind.

Different ways to evolve your digital marketing strategy are as follows:

  1. Keeping a constant online presence:

With the decrease of people on the roads, internet traffic has reached an overwhelming high in the brief time. People are glued to their phones and computer which makes them aware of almost everything that are put on the internet. Promoting the product through emails and social media has started returning great profits. E-commerce has exponential growth with a wink of the eye during this situation. Many companies have started venturing into digital marketing strategies seeing the monetary returns. All marketing policies have to be renewed and reframed in order to pass through the lens of COVID-19in making a big business impact.

  1. Adjusting content to reflect trends:

In the world practicing social distancing and hand-washing, organizations have to reexamine their contents and strategies with the ongoing trend. For example, the food supplying companies has to put up a content promoting sanitizing and social distancing in order to run their business rather than advertising people to come in groups for eating. The world is living with high unemployment rates and economic uncertainty which are to be considered while creation of a new marketing strategy. The new strategies should be sensitive to the current situation, convenient to the consumer’s new condition and concerns and also humane.

  1. Focusing on Customer’s demands more:

With a burdened time at hand, companies must focus on customer’s demands by providing to them the right information and products necessary to cope up with the situation. Being empathetic and prioritizing customer experience would enable your company to stand out and create a loyal customer base. Try to provide services to the customers at an affordable rate and reduce unnecessary fees for new customers. Utilize virtual solutions for all problems that do not require in-person contact.


  1. Redefine into a Purpose-led Brand:

The lockdown has decreased the mental health of people all over the world. In a time like this, if companies find creative and innovative ways to include entertainment into their services, it would have a lasting impact in their mind. These values can gain a long lasting relationship with the customers. Brands have to go beyond selling and focus on helping customers for issuable needs.

With the unpredictable end for the pandemic, people have to adjust to the new norms and abide by it. Digital marketing might be the last word anyone wanted to hear, but it is also essential for every company to survive. Everyone is trying to help each other in this humbling situation, let us hope it does not go in vain. So let us keep the doors closed, and screens open for ordering the required resources and services.


‘Even with other players in the market, you can still make a mark for your online tailoring venture’

E-tailoring is a growing business and there are a few players in the market. However, most of them haven’t been able to decipher the concept completely which signifies that the market is still open for new, skilled, and functional players. That said, if you are really interested in starting a E-Tailoring website that deals with ecommerce specifically for the tailoring industry, you must be aware of the standards and the process involving material procurement, designing, and product marketing.

Getting Started

If you are interested in tailoring ecommerce, you must specifically look for a website or rather interface that excels in offering the best shopping experience, multichannel support, unmatched customer experience, intuitive design, and exceptional knowledge regarding garments.

Store Management

While we believe that you have marketing and warehousing covered, it is necessary to pay attention to how the ecommerce stores shapes up, in your quest towards better store management. If you are new to this industry, it is important to concentrate on an aesthetic yet minimalistic layout. Provisioning for videos, images, and a self-explanatory interface is necessary.

You must opt for smart images which are interactive and do not look flimsy or copied. It is always good to use images of your own line-up to drive traffic and increase conversions. Furthermore, you are better off with a website that loads fast and is move optimized which eventually can help multiply your sales.

Pop-ups are annoying and therefore it is necessary to concentrate on a layout that’s organically created and makes way for seamless and non-invasive navigations. Lastly, the customer support system is a pivotal aspect of the e-tailoring business. The trick here is to offer personalized support to improve customer engagement levels.

E-Tailoring Website: One-Stop Ecommerce Store for Bespoke Garments

If you are still searching for an ecommerce store builder that will adhere to all the mentioned guidelines, it’s time to look at our interactive and professional E-Tailoring website. This product is precisely calibrated for the startups and involves innovative technologies for the best possible user experience. E-Tailoring website makes sure that customers need not visit thee brick-and-mortar tailoring shops, in the era of social distancing.

They can select the fabric, design, feed in the measurements, add in the address, and make the payment while this store readily delivers the tailored clothes at your doorsteps.

E-Tailoring Website Includes:

  1. Dedicated 3D Designer
  2. Easy Garment Customization
  3. Seamless Dashboard Access
  4. Continuous Price Display for the Exclusive Garments
  5. Payment Integration
  6. Extensive Products Menu
  7. Support for Elaborate Product Descriptions
  8. Diverse Color Combinations
  9. Pre-Tailored Selection
  10. Separate Section for Custom Shoes
  11. Detailed Review System for additional Credibility
  12. Support for Interactive and High-end Images

More about our E-Tailoring Product:

Our E-Tailoring product comes with several innovations, including the all-new 3D Designer. This built-in tool enables your customers to get their own garments stitched online by choosing the type of fabric, style of clothing, color contrast, and the overall measurements.

Once you upload the details and make the payment, the garment gets stitched in not time and is shipped to you. The responsive front-end using React JS makes sure that you can change the layout, menu structure, and other elements, if and when desired.

Your customers can also experience a seamless checkout process while getting all the price updates for specific, high-end garments.

Business owners, can add clothing segments based on your manufacturing process and stocking capabilities. Our payment integration makes is easy for your customers to make prepaid payments using PayPal.

What Choose our E-Tailoring Product?

Unlike other players in the market,

  • Our feature sets are more extensive and intuitive.
  • We have a dedicated designer in store for you followed by every other aspect that entails to a seamless shopping experience for your customers.
  • Our product is tailored to fit the E-tailoring landscape with precision.
  • We understand that a new player might take some time to adjust to the changing landscape and this is why we aim to offer our E-Tailoring solution for giving them an edge over other businesses in the existing arena.
  • We offer every form of clothing customization, based on fabric, design, color contrasting, and individual measurements